Our Story

Social Responsibility

A portion of our proceeds will be used to buy shoes for kids in need.

About Us

A little bit about us, the team behind FeetNinja loves to be on their feet, either running, walking on just getting things done.

And we have been on our individual journey to find that perfect shoe that looks good and feels good.

But came up empty, so we turned to insoles that our corner drug stores and supermarkets sold.

They seemed like a good idea but poorly executed, either the insole were too thick or too thin, just uncomfortable.

They were not really good for active sports and our feets still hurt and they worn out too quickly.

Insole makers must think people were shoes and sit all day.

Frustrated but determined we took the mission into on our own hands to create the best in class orthotic insoles, which can perform well in active sports and everyday life.


                                                                                                                        Did you know – your feets can fly!

Feet Ninja Team